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Plant FAQ

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Here, you can view the answers to our most commonly asked questions about plants. From questions about specific plant material, plant placement, plant longevity and animal deterrents - we have an "online" answer for you. Scroll down to see if your specific question is listed, or link directly to...

Questions about your favorite fruit trees:

See if your favorite bedding plants are an Annual or Perennial:

Garden Themes Suggestions:

Selecting Large Trees:

  1. What is a good large tree that will attract birds?
  2. What is a good large tree that will flower from late spring through the summer?
  3. What is a good large tree that will do well along a coastal area as well as inland areas?

...these questions and more about Large Trees can be answered here.

Selecting Small Trees:

  1. What is a good small tree that can tolerate salt air?
  2. What is a good small tree for screening and in lawn areas?
  3. What is a good small tree that will flower?
  4. What is a good small tree that doesn't have invasive roots?

...these questions and more about Small Trees can be answered here.

Low Water Usage:

  1. What is a good semi-evergreen plant that will do well in coastal areas along sandy soil?
  2. What is a good drought-tolerant tree that is deciduous and fast-growing?
  3. What is a good tropical, drought-tolerant tree?
  4. What is a good drought-tolerant plant with a long bloom season?

...these questions and more about Water Efficient Plants can be answered here.

Varieties of Vines:

  1. What is a good vine that will bloom year-round, yet hold no fragrance?
  2. What is a good vine that is clinging, but that has unnoticeable flowers?

...these questions and more about Vines can be answered here.

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In November

There is a lot to do in your landscape this month. It’s time to get out there to plan ahead for spring and prepare for winter storms. Soil temperatures are still warm and the digging is easy. Get out there and plant, plant, plant!

Color: Pansies planted now will provide beautiful color through the winter months. Columbine, Cyclamen, Poppies, Primrose, Ranunculus, Snapdragon, Stock and Viola will all add a nice splash of color to your garden.

Fruits & Vegetables: Plant containerized fruit trees and bushes now. Don’t plant bare root plants until next month. Fruit trees should be sprayed for pests in 6 week intervals when the trees are in their dormant stages. An easy way to remember the schedule is to spray around the following holidays; Thanksgiving (when the last leaf has fallen), New Years Day (the height of dormancy) and Valentine’s Day (when the buds begin to swell). Remember to follow the manufacturer’s directions for application carefully. Prune old canes of berries (except raspberries) back to the ground leaving the new canes to produce fruit next year. Plant vegetables like artichokes, beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, garlic, lettuce, onion, peas, radishes, spinach and turnips. Plant strawberries.


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